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Acropolis Tickets

The Acropolis' reputation precedes it. Plunge right into the heart of Ancient Greek culture as you explore historic structures that served as citadels, administrative buildings, and even royal residences. Browse our collection of Acropolis tickets for skip-the-line entry, guided tours, early access tours, and combo experiences.

Delphi Tours

Experience ancient Delphi's magic. Visit the Temple of Apollo and connect with the past. Dive into history with our guided tours and transfers.

National Archaeological Museum Tickets

Browse through our collection of National Archaeological Museum Tickets to explore and choose from the various ticket options we provide for this attraction at discounted prices!

Acropolis Museum Tickets

Explore ancient Greece at Athens' Acropolis Museum. Discover archaeological treasures with our curated tickets. Dive into Athens' history.

Museum of Illusions Athens

Experience mind-bending fun at the Museum of Illusions in Athens. Dive into a world of optical illusions and puzzling exhibits with our tickets, which also include combo deals with other iconic sites like the Acropolis & Parthenon. Go on the ultimate Athens adventure!

Ancient Olympia Tickets

Explore Olympia, the sanctuary of ancient Greece that birthed the Olympic Games. Examine the Temple of Hera, where the modern-day flame still burns during the Olympic Games. Admire the emblematic temples and athletic facilities and feel the era of the ancient classical period.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 3 museums in Athens?
Which is the most-visited museum in Athens?

The Acropolis Museum is the most visited museum in Athens, with more than 1.5M visitors per year.

Are there any art museums in Athens?
  1. Byzantine and Christian Museum
  2. Benaki Museum of Islamic Art
  3. Pandora Art Gallery
What are some must-see artifacts or exhibits in the museums of Athens?
  1. Statue of Athena | National Archeological Museum 
  2. South Metope of Parthenon | Acropolis Museum
  3. Hermes and the Infant Dionysus | Ancient Olympia Archeological Museum
Are there any science museums in Athens?
  1. National Observatory of Athens
  2. Museum of Anatomy
  3. Zoological Museum of the University of Athens (ZMUA)
Are there any entertainment museums in Athens?

You can visit the Museum of Illusions in Athens for a fun and eventful outing. 

What are the top museums in Athens for kids?
  1. Museum of Illusions
  2. Hellenic Motor Museum
  3. School Life and Education Museum
How much do museum tickets usually cost in Athens?

Entry to the Delphi Archeological Museum would set you back EUR 89, while the Museum of Illusions charges around EUR 10 for entry.

Are there any discounts on Athens museum tickets for kids?

Usually children below a certain age, EU citizens, and students with valid ID proof can avail discounts on Athens museum tickets.

Are there any free museums in Athens?
  1. Ziller – Loverdos Museum
  2. Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments
  3. Museum of the Athens-Piraeus Electric Railways
Are there any hidden gems or lesser-known museums in Athens?
  1. The Jewish Museum of Greece
  2. War Museum
  3. Museum Herakleidon
  4. Numismatic Museum
Is there an age limit for entering museums in Athens?

There are usually no age limits to enter museums. Certain exhibits deemed inappropriate for children might be off-limits, but children are allowed entry into museums. Usually, children below 16 have to be accompanied by an adult.

Are museums in Athens accessible to all?

Museums in Athens generally aim to cater to all audiences. Different museums have setups in place to address the following disabilities: 

Is there a dress code for museums in Athens?

Athens museums do not enforce any dress codes. It is advisable to dress comfortably and modestly, while being respectful of the local culture.

Do museums in Athens involve a lot of walking?

Yes, visiting a museum in Athens would take atleast 3-4 hours, a lot of which would involve moving from one exhibit to another. Do make sure to wear comfortable shoes for the outing.

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