Athens Travel Guide | Top Attractions, Travel Essentials, Tips & More

AthensTravel Guide

Why visit Athens?

Athens has been the center of ancient civilizations and continues to attract millions of people today. The rich history, museums, food, culture, theatres, islands, and markets are just some of the many reasons why you should visit Athens.

Athens travel essentials

Travel Essentials in Athens

Language: Greek Language

Currency: The Euro | €

Time Zone: Eastern European Standard Time | EET

Country Code: +30

Socket Type: Type C & F

Emergency Numbers: 112 for all emergency services

Top 5 Athens Travel Tips

  • Keep some cash on you: Athens is not completely digitized when it comes to payments. If you go to local markets and restaurants, you will still need to pay in cash. It’s better to be prepared instead of searching for an ATM later.
  • Opt for public transport: Public transport, especially the metro, is the most convenient way to travel in the city. It is also pocket-friendly. As only three lines connect the whole city, you will easily travel from one place to another, without any hassles.
  • Avoid going in the summer: Summertime in Athens is not ideal for a trip. It is extremely hot, you will sweat throughout and might prefer to stay indoors rather than stepping out and exploring the city. It’s best to avoid the month of August.
  • Be careful on roads: Traffic in Athens is considered to be the worst in all of Europe. While crossing the roads or even walking on the street, be mindful of vehicles around you. 
  • Drink responsibly: It’s not that the Greeks don’t drink. But they are extremely mindful of their surroundings while drinking and expect the same from their visitors. When outside, keep a check on the number of pints you're downing

Frequently Asked Questions About Traveling To Athens

What are the best things to do and see in Athens?

The party only begins at midnight in Athens and goes on till the sun comes up, quite literally. After dinner, spend all night partying in the city’s well-known clubs. You should also visit all monuments and museums in the city. Try authentic Greek food in Athens.

How much does it cost to visit Athens?

You will be spending around €103 per day in Athens. This, of course, depends on where you are staying, what and where you are eating throughout the day, and entry tickets to the top attractions in the city.

What are the must-visit places in Athens?

The Acropolis, Plaka and Anafiotika, Syntagma Square, Temple of Hephaestus, Benaki Museum, Piraeus Temple of Olympian Zeus, Panaghia Kapnikarea Church, Panathenaic Stadium, Athens Riviera, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre, Temple of Poseidon, Lycabettus Hill and Varvakios Agora are some must-visit places in Athens.

What is the best time to visit Athens?

The months of March to May and September to November are ideal to visit Athens. The city is warm and pleasant during this time. Avoid going to Athens during August at all costs.

What should I avoid in Athens?

The Greeks consider showing five fingers up on someone’s face as an insult. Being an innocent visitor, you might use your hands to say the time or ask for seating using your fingers. Avoid doing that. Also, don’t take taxis that run without meters.